Netizens talk about (G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM’s midwinter exposure warfare

Walking in the streets only wearing underwear.. (G)I-DLE -> LE SSERAFIM, midwinter exposure warfare

1. It looks like they only go out in their underwear, not cool at all

2. Why do we set such high standards for celebrities? It’s just a concept

3. It’s really not nice at all

4. Honestly, I wish now people would think about the impact idols have on young girls

5. I guess I’m a Confucian girl

6. It’s a trend in the fashion world and a runway concept so I didn’t think much about it

7. Stop pretending to care about women and cursing at female celebrities

8. It doesn’t look cool at all

9. I thought it was an underwear ad

10. I think everyone will faint when watching the American awards ceremony

12. Whether female or male, I don’t want to see other people’s underwear on the street

13. What’s so proud and cool about walking around in your underwear?

14. I don’t want to see your underwear

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