Netizens talk about how BBGIRLS’s style changed after seeing their new profile pictures

BBGIRLS’ new profile pictures today

1. Seriously, it’s much better.. I hope they debut after receiving good songs ㅠㅠ Fighting..!

2. Hul, Eunji’s style suits her so well…… She looks more classy

3. The styling is luxurious and much better than before

4. I heard that they disbanded, but did they move to another company as a group?

5. I hope the song is well chosen, their skills and looks are too precious

6. Wow it’s so much better

7. Daebak… the importance of style

8. It’s pretty, it’s much better than before

9. Wow everything is so beautiful, let’s be summer queen

10. It’s much better, I’m looking forward to their activities

11. Eunji’s hair suits her so well!! Everyone is pretty

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