Netizens talk about how RIIZE members look in Getty Images at the Louis Vuitton 2024 F/W Show

RIIZE Louis Vuitton 2024 F/W Show Getty Images

1. Sungchan, Anton, and Eunseok are crazy

2. Hul, why are they so skinny?

3. Is Eunseok’s face that small?

4. Wow, these guys are so cool

5. I like Anton these days

6. They are all so handsome, have good proportions and their clothes are pretty

7. Sungchan, Eunseok, Anton, the three of them are crazy, they’re tall

8. Wonbin is handsome

9. Anton looks like a real model

10. Sungchan is so handsome

11. Anton is so handsome

12. It’s Getty, but they look good

13. Sungchan, he’s handsome and tall

14. The more I look at Anton, the more perfect he seems

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