Netizens talk about how the quality of SM idols’ songs will change when HYBE takes over SM

If HYBE takes over, will the quality of SM idols’ songs change?

There will be no participation of Lee Soo Man + ‘SM experts’.. Can we expect it?

1. First of all, the lyrics will definitely change…?

2. HYBE will not interfere with the song production!

3. It’s not that the song quality changed because of HYBE’s interference, it will be much better after Lee Soo Man leaves

4. Please change the lyrics, please

5. SM’s beats are always good so the lyrics are the most important

6. Isn’t SM famous for good quality songs? Yoo Young Jin’s lyrics are always bad

7. The quality of the song will be better

8. Isn’t the quality of SM’s songs good..?

9. The lyrics are always the problem

10. The quality of the lyrics seems to be getting better

11. As long as there’s no Lee Soo man

12. The lyrics will definitely get better

13. Please keep the same beat and concept, just change the lyrics..

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Hybe will not interfere in song production. Just because they own stocks mean they can alter the whole company as they please, thats not how being an investir works.


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regardless whether kakao or hybe that will be winning this battle they have rn, now that lsm was kicked out from the company, of course the songs gonna sound different since there are no outputs by him anymore for these songs.

White cat

Gave better lyrics and not just gibberish word. They music is okay but it’s painful something when I tried to read the translation


kakao sure are working so hard


Damn hybe not touching the ONE thing that definitely would help sm to chart




They don’t have good vocals or a good personalities. Too bad there isn’t even one of the two. SM is already a company that protects their artists. That’s why idols don’t get hung up on the troublesome things they do. I hope they don’t take strength from this situation and do more problematic things. In addition, they don’t need good lyrics for the quality, they need a good music producer to make their sounds more listenable.


Only fool people will get use to SM propaganda


what “quality” are they talking about? 👁👄👁


Sm could only hope hybe helps with their musical sound… maybe then they could get more than 5 streams of their song and a real daesang

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