Netizens talk about idols doing Live AR on stage at awards ceremony

“Only 5 out of 15 teams sing live”… 2022 MMA, netizens are noisy after the cue sheet is leaked

Only 5 artists, including ENHYPEN, 10cm, MONSTA X, Lim Young Woong and Melomance sang live

1. There are stages where they have no choice but to do Live AR, so it doesn’t matter, but I hope they don’t use it for every stage

2. If you’re going to lip-sync, you shouldn’t say you’re a singer… You’re a performer

3. That’s why idols are not appreciated even if their skills are good

4. Just call them performers

5. I don’t care if they lip sync during their special performance at the awards ceremony, but at least I hope they don’t cheat by pretending to sing live

6. We should separate singers and idols, why are idols lip-syncing called singers?

7. They’re not singers, they’re just performers

8. I’m not surprised

9. Live AR is a scam, so don’t do it

10. If you don’t sing on stage, why are you a singer?

11. What is the difference between dancers and singers who lip sync?

12. It’s amazing that I didn’t know it was Live AR until now

13. That’s right, that’s why I like singers who sing live well like BTS and Mamamooㅋㅋㅋ

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