Netizens talk about Irene’s popularity right now

Irene’s popularity right now

Red Velvet Irene appeared on the cover of Chinese magazine ‘Waves Magazine’

Irene broke a new record. She was able to sell 1 million yuan under 2.5 hours (~140K USD)

In one day, she sold 30,000 copies

1. I don’t want to see her because of her personality

2. Because she couldn’t do her activities in Korea, she had to go to China

3. Well.. Anyway, Irene is a popular member both in Korea and abroad

4. She looks like BoA in the first photo

5. It seems she is popular in China

6. Has she filmed any commercials in Korea since her scandal?

7. Just go to China and work there

8. Celebrities have such an easy life, I’m so jealous of them

9. Red Velvet’s Chinese fandom is so strong

10. Hyunjin is also famous, Irene can also be famous

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