Netizens talk about IU’s new song in collaboration with BTS V causing controversy over the song’s title

What is the reason why LGBT people are angry with IU’s new song in collaboration with BTS V?

The controversy arose when LGBTQIA individuals raised concerns about the song’s title, “Love Wins”. Critics argue that using this phrase, which has been a slogan in pride parades for sexual minorities, for general heterosexual content may dilute its original meaning

1. I also have a t-shirt that says “Love Wins” so I’m not allowed to wear it because I’m heterosexual?

2. This is the most useless controversy this year

3. Criticizing other people’s love to protect your own is also ridiculous

4. The song hasn’t been released yet, so how do we know if it’s restricted to heterosexual people?

5. Seriously, I think it’s ridiculous

6. If you search for ‘Love Wins’ songs, hundreds of songs will appear

7. Anyone would have thought that the song had already been released

8. Leave IU alone, seriously

9. But is IU the only one to use that phrase as a song title?

10. It is said that there are over 900 songs named ‘Love Wins’

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