Netizens talk about IVE not being able to enter the Melon Top 100 chart

Hul IVE wasn’t able to enter the Melon Top 100 chart


1. This song is not the style the public wants from IVE

2. In the first place, their release of the song at 1pm on a Friday was aimed at the US, not Korea

3. But why is IVE releasing it at 1pm

4. They released it at 1pm on Friday, of course I had no expectations for them. The song is good so their ranking will go up

5. They’ll do well on overseas charts.. Maybe that’s why they did this

6. What’s funnier is that they’re bashing other groups who actually entered the charts

7. For a group who won Daesang last year

8. But what is the difference between 1pm and 6pm? Why is 6pm better?

9. Why do so many people seem to want IVE to fail?

10. Looks like IVE’s ranking will increase soon

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