Netizens talk about LE SSERAFIM’s live stage on Music Bank today

LE SSERAFIM’s live stage on Music Bank today

It’s a live stage where you can hear the sound of their breathing, the sound of their necklaces and even their footsteps

1. They did better than I thought

2. It’s much better than lip sync

3. Only Huh Yunjin is good

4. The choreography looks intense, but they look so much better than kids who just lip sync

5. Wow, they did better than I thought.. I can’t say it’s perfect, but Chaewon and Yunjin were really good

6. They sing live well while dancing.. Daebak.. Idols are so talented these days

7. Honestly, I can’t say they’re good, but I hope the singers will perform live

8. I think singing live like this is much better than lip sync!!

9. Huh Yunjin is really good, I’m looking forward to her more in the future

10. It’s not perfect, but it’s good and the stage is interesting. Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin did so well

11. They are doing better than I expected

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