Netizens talk about LE SSERAFIM’s outfits on Inkigayo

LE SSERAFIM’s outfits on Inkigayo are out

1. Can’t they just change the center? The other members are seriously pretty ㅠㅠ The outfits are pretty too

2. I think it would be better if the center was Chaewon and Kazuha

3. Why is the center Kim Garam? HYBE is crazy. The other kids are all prettier than her

4. Please change the center…

5. Kazuha is the cutest of all the female idols I’ve seen lately. She looks so innocent and pretty

6. They are angels

7. No but I love Yunjin so much

8. What’s up with Chaewon’s abs…ㅜ

9. Well, they’re all tall

10. I hate Kim Garam standing in the center

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