Netizens talk about Lisa’s vibes on her Instagram

Is there anyone here who likes Lisa’s Instagram?

Even her name ‘lalalalisa_m’ sounds hip

My favorite faces in BLACKPINK are Jennie and Jisoo, but I always search Lisa’s Instagram

[+218, -147]

1. [+99, -85] I don’t care about Southeast Asia

2. [+88, -33] She’s so pretty but she also has that hip aura that’s not cringe. I love her so much, for real

3. [+80, -4] I’ve been on Pann for n years but this is my first time seeing Lisa’s solo post in the featured talks. It’s really fascinating

4. [+77, -36] Seriously, she’s the legendary hot girlㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’ll hit 100 million followers soon

5. [+35, -16] She’s just a Thai…

6. [+19, -7] I like Lisa, but I really hate Lisa’s fans in Southeast Asiaㅋㅋㅋ If you look at the comments on SNS, they’re really crazy

7. [+15, -8] It doesn’t seem like the face Koreans like

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I feel like I saw this post before on this site. Is this a repost?


Lisa is woman why can’t you accept it you racist bitch


Ladyboy you

Ladyboy lisa

Won’t change her original crotch 😭


Lisa has a pussy her mom call her a female you are racist for saying this because she from thailand


Racist koreans good thing lisa has fans everywhere and nobody cares about your ugly beauty standards


Me when I see those Pann comments trashing fraudmin, pigkook and the rest of faggot BTS members


Knetz please go back to ignoring Lisa. We do not care about your beauty standards nor do we need your validation. Y’all can suck each others tiny dicks 🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻👆🏻


Their beauty standards are bad that the reason they never win miss universe sea woman are better

Boop kim

The SEA women that win her alomst always half white. Atleast Koreans are sending full koreans


With plastic surgery lol

Boop kim

Like lisa?


Lisa neer has it her nose is big she looks the same you are jealous of a sea woman they are different


Stop lying the woman that win miss universe is a thai woman not half white korean cant never since they are known for plastic surgery and they are jealous of sea woman


Would Lisa have achieved her current look without Korea’s beauty standards? LoL . How many people would call her beautiful if she didn’t have plastic surgery and korean procedures?


Makeup are not korean procedure they are everywhere


Then why is her old look like that, jisoo jennie even rosé looks the same as before. We all know that Lisa is beautiful thanks to makeup. You guys keep talking about SEA . But she is trying to make herself look like a westerner with that make up.


Lisa looks beautiful without makeup too


you do not have to waste your words with these people. They claim these statement just because of jealousy hehe =)


It’s all thanks to Korea boos now they think they are the epitome of beauty e even though they have horse waist short legs big head and too much plastic surgery


Korean never win miss universe because they are racist and ugly better she doesn’t look korean she proud to be a thai woman they win miss universe more than koreans

Last edited 6 months ago by Camila
Boop kim

SEA is infamous for sending half white biracial women to beauty pagent. Take Philippines for example, literally all were half white. Pia was half German, Cat was half swiz/aus, Megan was was half white American. Even celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Vanessa hudgens are half white lol


Korean has ps


Honestly how can thai people love Koreans so much even though this is how Koreans view them, all Thai celebrities are a bunch of Korea boos

Boop kim

Blinks themselves are racist. They call her oppa, the only Thai girl as “lisa oppa”. And the members like jisoo keep calling lisa a m0n key 💀


Blinks would make 100 videos about double standards towards other girlies but we’ll call lisa fans over reacting when mentioning racism


Jisoo own family call her a mon key she just jealous of lisa look i do agree with you the mambers are racist


Why would jisoo be jealous of Lisa and how can u tell that bp members are racist


I wonder if she knows that her dogs are bunch of criminal


btch what are u crazy?

Fuck Hybe

Pannkpop profits off the mentally ill

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

this thai trans face and pig nose. We, koreans, dont like her.

Who likes Koreans aka plastic surgery monsters who are all the same height as oompa loompa

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 leg spreaders

The comments 😜

French Mrs

Mam 🤩


It’s alright

Teenaged puppy

Aww do Koreans not like trannys? No wonder they pay Lisa dust 😂😂😂


for the comments hating on lisa, it must be hard to see how a thai woman is the most popular and loved idol in the whole world unlike other korean groups, stay mad 😁


You mean BTS members look girly 🤔 not surprised if they got exposed for being 3rd genders


Korean act like they’re not yellow monkey lol

South Koreans are a joke

They will always be behind China and Japan


7. [+15, -8] It doesn’t seem like the face Koreans like

And we thank God for that. Koreans are full of imbeciles, misogynists and men with fragile egos anyways 🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻


Haha:) the comments are really funny. Hope you guys meet the fucking standards of yourself and learn to be respect to the others soon.

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