Netizens talk about NewJeans’ popularity after ‘OMG’ debuted at No. 91 on Billboard Hot 100

NewJeans ‘OMG’ debuts at No. 91 on Billboard Hot 100

NewJeans joins BLACKPINK as the only Korean female groups to earn multiple entries on the Hot 100

1. They’re still a rookie group, but they’re amazing.. Congratulations, NewJeans!!

2. Wow, NewJeans is amazing!!

3. I hope they will be more successful

4. Wow NewJeans, congratulations!!!

5. NewJeans is daebak ㅋㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to their next song

6. It’s true that NewJeans is also popular overseas

7. I like OMG, I like NewJeans

8. I’m also curious about Ditto this week

9. Daebak… I’m so happy

10. I’m also curious about Ditto

11. I’m so jealous of Min Heejin, NewJeans is amazing

12. Seriously awesome

13. It’s been less than a year since they debuted, right?

14. Looks like NewJeans is so popular in the US

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Congrats to these girls but man, blink stan twt is pretty nasty cause Newjeans is about to break many of BP’s “female group” records


You all except from these girls alot. They have no fandom and no power they couldn’t chart first week on bb hot100 until they put them on tth playlist and other bug “us focusd” playlists. Also ditto is already out of hot 100


they have no big fandom but their songs was everywhere they have gp and casual listener. Dont act like their song not famous on tiktok. They have been 1st on Spotify korea for weeks not even taeyang&jimin or twice comeback could outstream them in spotify.


Ditto out of hot100? nope. the song climbing tho.


New jeans in doing well but ive been reading this same 4th gen gg ‘is about to break many of BP female group records’ since Aespa. But till now no group in the same level as BP. they still the highest charting kpop gg in hot100, 200, global 200, highest monthly listener, the most 1st itunes, members solo charted in hot100 and dont even start with their youtube.


& break BTS records too LOL


BTS last comback was flop since they use all money to push newjeans in the West


Did newjeans break Blackpink YouTube record too


500 payola Spotify playlists.


That’s a reach like idc if this group do payola or not, but this 500 that everyone keeps bringing up is including the playlists that their fans makes so it just doesn’t make sense.

What matters is the reach of a playlist towards the people or the users like let’s say Song A is added in playlist ‘1’ that has 10.8 followers . Then you can go on your way with the payola stuffs with this rather than using the 500 stuffs.

500 playlists but if all the playlists or 499 playlists are by fans that probably has 0 followers and one playlist on kpop! on does not mean anything or payola , more like fans mass-streaming.


*10.8 million followers


I really don’t care about that 500 playlists but the fact that they are on tth playlist with 30m subscribers!!! Or in pop rising and other big playlists that even bts solo are not there


Yep I agree with you too on this , just want to correct people on these 500 playlists cause armys make tons of playlists to stream because we need to switch playlists when streaming for bts and I don’t want people to mistake it as payola while it’s just us that working hard streaming the songs.

it’s annoying to see other labels under Hybe using the connections they got thanks to BTS for their groups but Bighit does nothing on this like why these other groups can use the advantages that they got from being under Hybe but BTS the one who made Hybe don’t even use this advantage .


Now we know where is BTS money gone after they underperformed last comeback since no promote from hype


omg isn’t on many top playlists and still got a lot of streams


Correction. For example, Taeyang and Jimin’s Vibe is on ‘Pop rising’ playlist.


They do sajaegi on Spotify playlist now wow

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