Netizens talk about NMIXX leader Haewon’s visuals

NMIXX leader Haewon’s visuals

She was born in 2003, 20 years old

1. She’s seriously so prettyㅋㅋㅋ

2. She looks the most normal, she doesn’t suit NMIXX, she looks like a Lovelyz member

3. I felt the same way when I saw Oh My Girl Hyojung for the first time

4. She looks like a mix between Cosmic Girls’ Soobin and Lovelyz’s Ryu Sujeong

5. She’s innocent, pretty, good at singing and dancing

6. I really like her.. She has a good voice and I think she’s a good leader

7. I feel like she looks like an announcer, she’s so elegant and pretty

8. Haewon is so pretty and cute ㅠㅠ

9. Why do you guys say weird things to a 20 year old girl, stop writing malicious comments~ Haewon is so pretty and she sings well

10. She stands out the most on stage.. I like her face

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