Netizens talk about RIIZE ‘Talk Saxy’ MV Teaser

RIIZE ‘Talk Saxy’ MV Teaser

1. I think the song will be good

2. They look like a Japanese idol group

3. Wonbin is amazing

4. I’m not a fan but I really like Wonbin these days, he’s so handsome, I love him

5. I’m looking forward to it more because both the song and the choreography seem good

6. The beat is good and the concept is good

7. It looks like a music video from the late 2000s

8. I think Seunghan is so suitable for this concept. He caught my attention immediately

9. Park Wonbin!! He’s crazy!

10. Seunghan is so handsome

11. I’m really looking forward to it because the choreography is so good

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