Netizens talk about Seventeen Hoshi, Vernon and BTS Jimin’s dancing skills in the ‘Super’ challenge

Seventeen Hoshi, Vernon x BTS Jimin ‘Super’ challenge

1. No, Vernon, how can you dance so well..? He’s more handsome than I thought

2. Wow, this combination is amazing, Jimin was smiling while dancing

3. Crazy, the combination of BTS and Seventeen is daebak

4. Jimin dances well, and his smile is so pretty too

5. Why is Jimin so cute? He dances so well but his smile is so pretty

6. Park Jimin is so cute

7. All three are good ㅠㅠㅠ Jimin-ah, let’s do more challenges

8. Jimin dances so well and his face is cute too

9. Jimin is so good, his smile is so cute

10. Jimin’s smile is so cute, all three are so good

11. Jimin’s smile is so cute, all three of them dance so well

12. Wow, I was expecting Jimin just by looking at the title, but he’s much better than I expected

13. Jimin is good, Hoshi and Vernon are good too

14. Jimin is really good, he always makes me keep an eye on him

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