Netizens talk about Seventeen Hoshi, Vernon and BTS Jimin’s dancing skills in the ‘Super’ challenge

Seventeen Hoshi, Vernon x BTS Jimin ‘Super’ challenge

1. No, Vernon, how can you dance so well..? He’s more handsome than I thought

2. Wow, this combination is amazing, Jimin was smiling while dancing

3. Crazy, the combination of BTS and Seventeen is daebak

4. Jimin dances well, and his smile is so pretty too

5. Why is Jimin so cute? He dances so well but his smile is so pretty

6. Park Jimin is so cute

7. All three are good ㅠㅠㅠ Jimin-ah, let’s do more challenges

8. Jimin dances so well and his face is cute too

9. Jimin is so good, his smile is so cute

10. Jimin’s smile is so cute, all three are so good

11. Jimin’s smile is so cute, all three of them dance so well

12. Wow, I was expecting Jimin just by looking at the title, but he’s much better than I expected

13. Jimin is good, Hoshi and Vernon are good too

14. Jimin is really good, he always makes me keep an eye on him

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Powerful dance with a cute smile aww Jimin <3


Hoshi >>> the other two

Hi, I'm Guest

Jimin>>>>>>>>>>>Great Wall of China>>>reality>>>>>>>>>>>>>your wish


Jimin can’t keep up bffr. It’s not his first time looking like an incompetent dancer.


You don’t even believe what you wrote yourself 🤣 I don’t even know the two people in the video but Jimin is the best dancer in kpop


Who cares if you don’t know. You are not the only one watching


Jimin can’t keep up but he’s in sync with their main dancer… Yall done lost shit to drag Jimin for, I’m crying 💀 Pathetic bunch of people


Jimin>>>>>>>two unknowns


I know reading is hard for you pjm dummy


Jimin make the dance look effortless and flowy.
I really love his styles. He really look like he love dancing and having fun doing the challenge.
Some idols try to hard, afraid of mistakes and look like they count in their head. he is just there chilling and so secure of himself.
As expected to a generous and humble superstar.


More like him struggling to keep up. His timing was off several times.


It’s because he’s so short


michael jackson is only 2cm taller then him and a great dancers.
people with long limbs are the one that look akwkward in dancing usually


But he’s more successful than any kpop group and has a LONGER record list. Let’s not compare. I don’t want you to be a disgrace.


Jimin is same height as Taemin the best dancer in kpop. Jimin looks shorter because he has short legs and narrow shoulders


No, it’s bc he’s a mediocre dancer & not what he’s hyped up to be. When he dances amongst great dancers, his mid dancing skills are apparent & his timing is always off — no diff than when performs live in concert w/BTS. Just like he’s hyped as one of the best singers & voices in KPOP, it’s completely false. His studio voice is completely software manipulated. In 10 years, he’s never sang an entire verse live until that infamous music show encore. He’s carried by the group and lucked out in life by being a member bc he offers the group very little in terms of talent and skill.


this is a tiktok challenge, not a serious performances at all.
He is the best kpop dancers and he doesn’t feel the need to show it off, a confidence man who know his worth


He’s like that in stage performance too. Always doing something extra to the point he messed up the timing.


each of BTS members have signature pose and their own trademark unique dance style. Precisely the reason why they stand out among all the kpop acts.

They don’t follow the routine 100%, they make it their own with added spices to it. each members done it not only jimin.


He prioritizes self-promotion when he’s on stage with the group instead of cohesiveness. He tries too hard to draw attention. Have you seen his attempt at ad libs during the last few PTD concerts? Atrocious and adding weird animal sounds in the mix. Unprofessional in his craft and unskilled, too.


Jimin reminds me of when Kai did challenge with Momo. Kai was also afraid to give 100% effort because he would get shown up by Momo’s superior talent. So he did it in more relaxed way so that fans would say he is just having fun and not realize he is less talented compared to Momo


kai the one that doing the harder to impress in that dance challenge, while momo all smile and relax thou. He is known to have stiff hips from the beginning of his career.

While in this one, hoshi and vernon givin their best, while jimin is just chilling.

I get them, they don’t want to get overshadow in their own song by the best dancer in kpop. also, jimin is gracefull enough to not steal the spotlight from the owner of the song. that is something that I love about his personality. he is very kind and humble.


Kai was only doing the moves half-assed in challenge compared to on stage. Momo was smiled and relaxed while doing the moves perfectly because she is a much more talented dancer than Kai.

Jimin is not the best dancer in Kpop.


jimin is miles away from your lil kpop dancers, hope that helps <3


His timing is off during BTS live concert performances, too. Same w/his lip syncing, his timing is so off that he can’t even pretend to sing. The weakest link all 10 years. Now that Hobi and Suga picked up singing, they’ve surpassed his vocals w/out even trying. LOL

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Jimin unnie the best

Jimin got yes jams

Lisman and jen uncle





Jimin got yes jams

Jimin is so cute and hot 🔥


Only gays and lonely overweight girls find Jimin hot.

He is short and feminine. In the real world girls HATE guys like that.



Teenaged puppy

Jimin doing charity for the flops


Jimin’s dance count is alway off, just like his lip sync timing. He’s so used to lip syncing with a headset that when he has to pretend to sing w/a mic, he never moves it to his mouth in time. Even w/a headset, he sometimes doesn’t even bother to move his lips. LOL


Does anyone else notice how they always try to hide how short Jimin is during these Tiktok challenges? 👀

He NEVER, EVER stands next to the people in them. He is always crouching, standing way in front, or way behind. Camera angles are also used to hide it.

There’s always SOMETHING to avoid showing Jimin standing shoulder to shoulder with other idols


I remember with NewJeans he started behind them and practically RAN from behind them to in front of them because Danielle was practically as tall as him 😬😂😬😂😬😂

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