Netizens talk about SEVENTEEN Joshua’s goods getting boycotted in Japan after dating rumors

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s goods getting boycotted in Japan after dating rumors……

Joshua’s was the only one of 13 pickets not selling out

“Is this how Joshua sees?”

The general opinion in the Japanese fandom is very harsh

1. Japanese fans are most sensitive to dating

2. The fans are free to spend their money, it’s like he’s free to show his love

3. But TVXQ Changmin is still at the top in popularity even after getting married, I think it would have been fine if they had met each other quietly and got good responses

4. Who would want to open their wallet for him in this situation now;

5. That’s karma, that’s karma

6. Joshua does what he wants, but why can’t the fans?

7. But why can’t fans do this? Joshua and that girl did everything they wanted without thinking about the fans

8. This seems like the worst dating rumor after premarital pregnancy

9. Is it because Joshua is not a popular member?

10. The loyalty of Japanese fans is the best among Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans… It’s rare that they turn their backs like that…

11. Japanese fans are loyal, but they really hate dating rumors

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