Netizens talk about SM and HYBE’s next male idol group

SM and HYBE’s next male idol group

HYBE’s next male idol group

SM’s next male idol group

1. HYBE have their own standards… I can see the faces of some current HYBE male idols from them

2. Where did HYBE find those handsome guys?

3. No, HYBE’s group is a foreign group, right?

4. Wow I know what kind of face HYBE wants…

5. I’m asking because I don’t know, but there seems to be so many foreigners here

6. HYBE’s idols are handsome

7. They will be added to NCT, right?

8. I’m not sure about HYBE’s group

9. HYBE’s group is like a foreign group. I don’t think they will do well. Their standards are so weird ㅠㅠ

10. They look more like Japanese models than male idols in the 2nd picture

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