Netizens talk about SM rookie boy group members after they were revealed

SM’s rookie boy group unreleased members

Anton (Yoon Sang’s son)



These are the members who were already released





1. Sungchan is the most handsome

2. Didn’t Sungchan and Shotaro join NCT? What happened?

3. Congratulations on your debut, Sungchan!

4. It’s K-pop, but it’s hard to find Korean

5. Hul, are there no Chinese members in this group?? Good

6. It’s good that there are many Korean members

7. Wonbin looks a bit like Lucas

8. Watching Sohee’s Instagram video, he sings well, so I’m looking forward to it..

9. Besides Sungchan, there are many other handsome members

10. I like Yoon Sang’s son the most

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