Netizens talk about solo male idol who can fill Jamsil Stadium

Are there any solo male idols that can fill Jamsil Stadium?

The only one that comes to my mind is GD

1. I can only think of Lim Young Woong

2. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any male idol, he’s not an idol, but I think Lim Young Woong can

3. Me too GD

4. Isn’t it Baekhyun? Looking at album sales and music charts, I think he will be able to fill it (It’s just my opinion)

5. I have to say this, because even male idols who sold 2 million copies couldn’t fill it.. And now, only GD can

6. Zico…?

7. I don’t know about anyone other than GD

8. Baekhyun?

9. GD! Only he can

10. Lim Young Woong? He’s not an idol, but I think he’s the only one

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Bts members can even without any official album.


None of your bts member can sing dear they r fine as a group but solo concert?? Big no.


Lol. BTS concert at jamsil was attended by max 46K people a day when other singers’ were attended 50k~55k a day, how do you think they will sell out jamsil as solo members. Album sales dont reflect real people.


maybe hobi lollapalooza with that 100k is only my imagination

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