Netizens talk about Taeyang and Jimin’s vocals after hearing them sing ‘VIBE’ live

TAEYANG – ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’ LIVE CLIP

1. As expected, Taeyang’s voice is so good. I miss his concert so much. Jimin’s voice is good too

2. Wow, the two voices match perfectly and they’re so cool ㅠㅠㅠ

3. Live is crazy, they’re so good

4. Wow, Taeyang and Jimin are crazy. I love this version

5. I love it so much

6. Both voices are crazy, so good

7. Please give me a dance video now

8. I feel like the two of them are really close. I like the song more when I listen to this version

9. They’re so good, the combination of Taeyang and Jimin is amazing

10. Taeyang is famous for singing well, but Jimin is also very good at singing. I was surprised when I heard his voice in Dynamite

11. The two of them are so good, Jimin-ah, your live is amazing

12. Wow daebak, Jimin and Taeyang’s voices match well

13. Wow, Taeyang’s voice is crazy.. Jimin sings well.. I totally support this combination…

14. Wow it’s so good, I think this version sounds better

15. Both Taeyang and Jimin did better than I thought

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