Netizens talk about Taeyong’s dancing skills and NCT members’ dancing skills

NCT Taeyong’s ‘New thing’ challenge

1. No, how does he move his body like that?

2. I’m not sure if he dances well, but I think he dances better than Mark in NCT

3. Wow, but his body looks so light, he did well

4. Wow, he dances so well, he looks like a dancer

5. It’s the best challenge I’ve ever seen

6. It’s nice that everyone has different dance styles in NCT

7. I think he’s the best I’ve ever seen

8. Wow, look at this, Jisung and his dance line are so different, both are good dancers, but even if you don’t know how to dance, you can see the difference. I really like this

9. How can the human body move like that?

10. Are all NCT members good at dancing? I think they all dance well

11. Seems like there are a lot of good dancers in NCT

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