Netizens talk about the economic value BTS contributes to Korea

The economic value that BTS contributes to Korea is over 5 trillion won per year

I’m just watching the news. They are really amazing

1. I feel like their nationality is holding them backㅋㅋ Especially this year, I feel it’s even worse ㅜㅜ

2. The government, local authorities, and members of the National Assembly are all trying to take advantage of BTS

3. BTS is a Korean group, and I’m not even an ARMY… But seeing how BTS is treated in Korea, I feel sad

4. BTS members are all Korean, so I’m so happy, grateful and proud

5. What if BTS were from another country, I can’t even imagine

6. For BTS, their nationality seems to be the biggest weakness

7. Seriously BTS is awesome

8. However, Korea still doesn’t treat BTS well

9. I’m really tired of seeing BTS getting dragged into politics ㅠㅠ

10. BTS is a treasure of Korea

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But I wasn’t done…

Koreans agree they don’t deserve BTS. We love the self aware


Even Japan treat’s them better than their own country


It’s been this way since the beginning. They always get love from the global population first and SK never notices until other countries say smt. But tbf, k-media always downplaying their impact might play a role in this.


Then stop mention bts on any political stuff or don’t interact. Korea doesn’t deserve BTS. When Korea understand that BTS isn’t a kpop group then they can understand how BTS successful in globally. 💁🏻‍♀️

WhatsThe Point

10. BTS is a treasure of Korea

They are, there’s no doubt they’re National treasure but the country sure doesn’t treat them that way


yes you are their only weakness,their country.
sorry not sorry.

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korea is just the most unsupportive country to be from like my god ive never seen a country thats so simultaneously bitter


Koreans are being ruled by mediaplay. That’s why they get shocked that BTS enlistment is in various international news outlets & is an international issue. I-ARMYs will always trust the boys but will always rebuke the sincerity of any other Korean gp or knets. I, for one, was planning to have a family vacation in Korea but due to BTS enlistment? Nope. Family trip has been rescheduled to Japan instead. Will wait for BTS & will just willingly spend for BTS. Plus, I have Coldplay & Paramore concerts to go to. Korea? It’s your loss. 🤷‍♀️


SK doesn’t deserve BTS. You’re being watched by the international community, Korea, and you’re all a laughing stock.

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