Netizens talk about the ratings of the first episode of ‘Seojin’s’ and the chemistry between BTS V and Lee Seo Jin

‘Seojin’s’, first episode viewership rating was 8.8%… Lee Seo Jin → V, explosive chemistry

According to Nielsen Korea on the 25th, tvN ‘Seojin’s’, which first aired on the 24th, recorded 8.8% based on paid platforms nationwide. It is 10.3% based on metropolitan area

1. It’s so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think it will be more fun if the business goes wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. It’s so fun, I want to watch episode 2 soon ㅠㅠ

3. The chemistry is so good, Lee Seo Jin is so funny

4. Wow, the ratings are really good

5. It’s funny ㅋㅋ V and Jung Yumi are handsome and pretty but funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. V is so funny, I can’t stop laughing because of him

7. It’s more fun than I thought

8. It’s so funny ㅋㅋㅋ Lee Seo Jin and V’s chemistry is so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

9. I really didn’t even think about it, but Lee Seo Jin and V are so funny

10. It’s interesting, I think it will be even more interesting in the future

11. I think next week will be more fun because there are more customers

12. I really find Lee Seo Jin the funniest

13. It exceeded my expectations, it was so much fun

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V impact


No, wooga is a flop the rating barely reach 1% 🤣


According to Nielsen Korea on the 25th, tvN ‘Seojin’s’, which first aired on the 24th, recorded 8.8% based on paid platforms nationwide. It is 10.3% based on metropolitan area.

So sad that you can’t read lol


and that’s on pd na program impact not v


You are still crying here?

dot com bubble

You’re just jealous cause no variety show will invite your fav personally 🤣


Ooo I see an anti is pissed 😆 well guess what its tae’s impact, and coz of his impact it became the first not scripted show in the history to be on big ott platform, go fight cjenm executives.



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WhatsThe Point

Taehyung is so hilarious and his habit of doing funny things with a straight face 😭
I can’t wait for the next epi


I really laughing a lot because of taehyung yesterday when watching jinny’s kitchen, he’s the funniest pls

Last edited 1 month ago by maomao69

Ladies and gentlemen… we have a hit

dot com bubble

It was the most watched show on TV yesterday and tvn is a cable channel iirc. Taehyung has been trending a lot due to the show cause he was so fucking hilarious. I literally rolled in laughter when he mistakenly thought the mouth guard was for the eyes 😂


It was really fun to watch thank god it’s on prime


Anything with Na PD’s name will be a hit. Besides, this is the extension of Youn’s Kitchen which was so popular.


This have more better rating than youn stay tho(the prev season)


Let them cry these people know the truth but don’t want to accept it coz it’s not their fave


It’s the way you guys downplayed the PD’s role in this show that gets me. He always pulls high rating and that is a fact.


The difference is too minimal. 8.8% vs 8.2% and 10.3% vs 9.8%. My point is very simple, his shows always do well. Koreans love Na PD.

dot com bubble

And yet it was Taehyung’s clip that was trending #1 on Naver TV. Cry harder.


What do you expect? Na PD is not even part of the cast lol can’t expect his clip to go viral

dot com bubble

Aww you so badly want to discredit Taehyung but only your fellow antis give a shit 🤣 meanwhile Taehyung has been the most followed account on Insta and Spotify for days now due to the show. Maybe if your favs aren’t so flop, they’d get invited too but sadly that’s probably impossible 😆


It was so funny seriously tae and seojin duo is just on fire, yumi saying we just sold 2 juice and tae admitting he drank 4, to challenging seojin by saying I was the one in Palisade commercial, calling wooshik nepo🤣🤣, wooshik crying about jot getting promo 🤣 plz its so funny I can’t wait for next episode


Seojin and V are like tom and jerry lol! Can’t wait for the next episode


say thank you tae 💜


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