Netizens talk about TWS Shinyu’s graduation photos and past photos

TWS Shinyu’s graduation photos and past photos

1. It feels like a combination of Jang Dong Yoon and Hyunjin

2. He looks like Lee Daehwi. Looking at the comments, I’m not the only one thinking this

3. This guy is so cute. I saw him trending on Instagram

4. He’s seriously so cute

5. He looks smart and handsome

6. Wow, he really looks like Hyunjin

7. I’m jealous of his small face

8. I think he looks like Ahn Jaehyun

9. His face looks like a combination of Daehwi and Hyunjin, so handsome

10. Just looking at his face makes me feel good. He looks so innocent

11. Among the recent rookie idols, he caught my attention the most

12. Shinyu is so cute..!!!

13. The size of his face is so small that it surprises me every time I see it

14. He looks more like Lee Daehwi than Hyunjin

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