Netizens talk about V and Jungkook’s friendship and see which BTS members are close to each other

V and Jungkook must have gone bowling yesterday

They watched Park Hyo Shin’s musical the other day

They went to the bowling alley yesterday

[+141, -16]

1. [+65, -2] Why do I feel cuter when the two of them are together?

2. [+63, -3] They used to be scolded together because their personalities are similarㅋㅋ So cute

3. [+61, -14] The BTS members are all close to each other, but since each of them is active individually and lives separately, it’s easy to see which members are close to each other

4. [+53, -3] They’ve been close since their debut

5. [+22, -1] The two of them are comfortable when they hang out together

6. [+21, -0] I was really surprised when I saw them at that time. I didn’t think there were handsome idols like them… They’re even in the same group

7. [+21, -0] BTS maknae members seem to like bowling lately, there are many ski resorts in the middle of winter, so they like to play sports hard depending on the season

8. [+21, -1] I heard that a lot of people watched the musical because it was the weekend, I’m so jealous of them

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dot com bubble

I’m really glad they seem to be closer these days cause they admitted in ITS that there’s been a bit of distance between them after Tae became more mature and quiet. Now, it’s like they’re partners in crime again and they’ve been spotted by ARMYs multiple times having fun with Tae’s friends.

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they are trying to make taekook shippers more delusional when they are both in relationships with women
taehyung dating jennie
jungkook dating lee yubi


get out of your imagination

Color color stan

This is not ao3 miss


And then you wake up.




in the soop, their variety show(?) for now it’s only bts and seventeen ver, but i think we can see other idols version too in the future


i’m still processing this fact that he turned into an introvert these past years


exactly I feel they became closer when they hang out with Jhope and Jimin on the last concerts


Everyone experienced it at some point, our childhood friend suddenly changed because they’re becoming adult, or we are the one who changed. It depends on how we act about it. In Taehyung and Jungkook’s case they adjusted to the change pretty quickly and they’re matching each other’s energy when they’re together. After all they do have a lot of similarities so it’s easy for them to hang out together




-from you

Bla bla

From whom ? U are the only asshole here


from blonks


Netizens as usual talking bullshit about BTS members, because they have no clue about anything. They are all close to each other, not like other groups pretending to get along. 


Kinda disappointed the rest of the members didn’t visit Jin


I am pretty sure there is limit of people who can visit soldier at one time. Plus, its depend members want to take a pic or not.


right… like I bet if jungkook visits him alone he’ll forget to take a pic unless jin is the one to ask for it


delusional shipper


Huh??? You honestly think that Hobi and Jimin, who have been extremely busy with their own schedules, went to visit Seokjin just so they can take a photo together? Stop talking like they all can’t go see him. They can and they will if they want to. Jimin and Hobi were in contact with Seokjin even before their visit to the military base.


no there isn’t Jimin even talked about to Lmao. the rest pretended to be too busy to visit their friend of 10 years😂


do you think you’re that important for us to know whether you’re disappointed or not? who are you? jin’s parents?




From your weird ass, absolutely

Jimin Yes Got Jams

Jungkook is not going to fook you, mam. You’re an adult act your age


From your breed


Are knetz only realizing now? The two of them have similar personalities when they were younger. If its closeness..then Tae and Jimin closer than Jungkook and Tae. Even many times Tae said that Jimin is his most closest friend. But in general, all of BTS members are so close to eo.


Taekook shipper are downvoting lol. They will ignore jungkook kissing and hugging jhope, v and jm admit they are soulmate, etc. but they will go crazy if jk and tae look at eo and say they are in love and will get marry lol. They cant accept all of them are close with eo..not just taekook. They are the most delusional shipper in kpop..the kpop larry..🤣


true, taekook shippers will believe edited videos and pictures first before watching original content with correct subs lol


say the same thing about jikook and other shippers you dumbass only blame taekook shippers everyday so what’s the difference of you and them??


People are downvoting because it’s so unnecessary. Imagine you said you’re close to someone and another person tells you “oh but they’re closer to A.”


kpop larry is jikookers tho

Color color stan

This is not the friendship olympics girl


ppl said they’re soulmate, but never once i saw them hanging out tgt just two of them except in official schedule, likeee we can see how close jhope and jimin they always share a pict when they’re out tgt many times. taehyung always hangout with jhope/jungkook never with jimin.
it wasn’t like i’m asking unauthorized pict that someone post when they see them out tgt, they could just share a random pict on their birthday like what jhope usually did, but nadda, nothing. so what kind of soulmate is that?


lol taehyung and jimin themselves say they’re soulmates. you’re saying they’re lying?

i pity you if you think posting pictures on social media is the only measure of a friendship. you obviously don’t have friends in real life.


First of all, Taehyung and Jimin call each other regularly and talk for hours. Also, they have told Armys stories about some of the times when they hung out. Like others mentioned, they call each other soulmates and best friends. Other members have stated this as well. Does that sound like people who are not close to you?

Second of all, who do you think you are? You do not know Taehyung or Jimin. You do not see them in their regular lives so how would you know that they don’t hang out. If they choose to not take photos of their time together then that’s their choice and right. Also, you don’t have to see someone all the time to be close with them (BTS members have seen each other almost daily for years).

I can’t stand people like you who go around saying that the members are lying just because they don’t act the way you want.


Who are you to question them saying they’re soulmates???? You don’t know them. If Taehyung didn’t even say it, you wouldn’t know Jimin was the person who cries with him in the bathroom when he’s sad.

Jimin Yes Got Jams

Vmin won’t work because two bottoms don’t make a top


I snorted


You should’ve stopped at “The two of them have similar personalities when they were younger.” but you added the most unnecessary thing after


Not nosekook being in a relationship with Yubi while forking V on the side 🤣

Bla bla

Well and still blinks cry when thier fav get dragged,both the sides have denied the rumours Lee yubi even admit not knowing him but kpopies still can’t get over it lol ,it isn’t him who is known to have a dating scandal every year.Anx also if he is nosekook what are ur girls plastic bags ?

Last edited 19 days ago by Bla bla

Jungloo isn’t known for rumour every year? 🤣 Within less than 2 months nosekook was in rumour with restaurant girl and that blonde girl in qaatar 🤣
He is rumoured with 1 woman every month 🤣


at least he is getting laid
unlike u loser who must jerk off looking at porn cause nobody wants to fuck you


I’m super happy to see the members hanging out together and having fun, but why are some of these people talking like they know the members personally? I bet that these people have never even met them.

“…it’s easy to see which members are close to each other.” You don’t know them weirdo.


Someone just questioned Taehyung and Jimin’s closeness like of all BTS friendships, they questioned vmin 💀


Why do people love to accuse this member not close to that member just because of trivial things. Isn’t it easy to tell the 7 of them are close to each others? Even their families are close

Seungri reformed

they close to each other bcs others members is fckng goblins 🙂 especialy that idiot Horseok


You’re changing your narrative every day. You defend some members and hate others, then next time I see you you’re hating on those some members and defend others. Pick a struggle


It’s amazing to see how each of their bonds are so different yet so endearing to watch and get to witness 💜

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I hope all the shippers and solo stans DISAPPEAR SOON 💆🏻‍♀️


but you will disappear too then

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