Netizens talk about visuals and pronunciation of Japanese member Ruka from Baby Monster

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER – Introducing RUKA

1. No, why is she so cute?

2. They will debut in April or May

3. No, this is my first time seeing her, she’s so pretty… crazy

4. She looks like the youngest, but she is the oldest. She’s so cute

5. Is she a Japanese member? She speaks Korean so well

6. She pronounces well when she raps, she must have worked really hard

7. Her smile is so pretty, she’s cute, she’s so good at dancing

8. Her Korean pronunciation is so good.. She’s so cute

9. Why is she so good at Korean?

10. She looks younger than her age, she’s cute

11. When she raps, you can hear her Korean pronunciation so well

12. She’s so cute, she speaks Korean well

13. She’s cute and pretty!! She’s Japanese, but her pronunciation is so good

14. I didn’t think she was Japanese… Her Korean pronunciation is so good

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spicy spice

how many korean in this group? feel like half of them are japan and thai members (but cmiiw). YG knows so well where to rely on if korean gp doesn’t give them a listen. japan fans are loyal asf and everyone know how hard core sea fans are.


seems like their aim is for an international audience & not the Korean gp


I think there’s two, maybe three Korean members. Ah Yeon, Ha Ram, and maybe Lola? But yeah, there’s Ruka and Asa who are Japanese. And Chiquita and Pharita who are Thai.


3 Koreans. 2 Japanese and 2 Thais.

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