Netizens talk about what Jang Wonyoung’s older sister Jang Da Ah looks like in real life

Jang Da Ah in real life

I don’t think their parents will have anything to worry about

I feel like wherever they go they receive compliments for their children

1. She looks chubbier and cuter

2. I think she would be so suitable for a historical drama

3. She looks like Wonyoung from Produce + IZ*ONE era

4. I watched the drama and her acting was so good

5. She looks like Song Ga In so adults will like her

6. She really looks like Wonyoung, she’s pretty

7. She looks like Jihyo, reminds me of Jihyo when she was a bit chubby

8. It seems like a combination of Jang Wonyoung and TWICE Jihyo

9. I understand why people around her parents say she’s prettier.. She has a face that adults will like

10. She looks like an announcer

11. Personally, I think she looks like Kim Bora

12. She looks like Jang Wonyoung. Of course she’s pretty

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