Netizens talk about why NewJeans Hyein is not popular

What do you think is the reason why NewJeans Hyein is not popular?

I don’t think Hyein is popular compared to the other members, she also doesn’t have many core fans

Haerin and Minji are the top 2, followed by Hanni and Danielle… Hyein doesn’t seem to be that popular

[+124, -301]

1. [+117, -11] She has a model face, now her face is still a baby face so her facial features are not outstanding. But I think Hyein will get prettier in the future

2. [+102, -15] When I saw NewJeans for the first time, I was attracted to Hyein

3. [+93, -8] She has a model face and YG vibes, so NewJeans’ style doesn’t suit her. When she was in elementary school, she looked much more attractive in her school uniform, bunny hat, long black hair, and Jennie’s style makeup

4. [+88, -8] I only watched their stages but didn’t watch their shows or their own content so I don’t know much about the members’ personalities or charisma, but to be honest, I think she would have been more popular if she hadn’t had choppy bangs when they just debuted. She looks so pretty without bangs

5. [+69, -17] Not really.. NewJeans has a lot of fans, and a lot of people who love Hyein

6. [+66, -5] But honestly, thanks to her, NewJeans’ charm stands out… She has her own unique vibe

7. [+65, -59] It’s because she’s the ugliest member in the group

8. [+44, -5] They are NewJeans, but are you worried about not being popular?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+27, -12] She’s still too young, so as soon as she becomes a high school student, everything will change

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isn’t it obvious because of her age ?


I think it’s maknaes in general. At least for the current new roster of groups. Lee Seo, Eunchae, Hyein even the youngest in the new YG group

Eventually they will get their shine


Yep. Maknae lines are usually the less popular members in a group. BTS’ maknae line being the most popular is an anomaly.


It’s literally not. This a 4th generation phenomenon. Taemin, Wonyoung/Yujin (Iz*One), Sehun, Kai, Tzuyu, Hyuna etc. were all maknaes and were among the most popular in their groups.


it seems more of a jyp gg thing where all their female maknae were extremely popular


It used to be the other way around from what I recall. To the point where it felt like a given that maknaes were expected to be the stan attractors. Then it sort of got muddled around 3rd gen and switched up in 4th.


all bts members are popular


Yes but compared to the hyung line, the maknae line is more popular, that’s the topic here


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This is such an unnecessary post


Because she doesn’t look like olivia hussey or a cat


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She is still a teenage kid…let’s start with that. Knetz better give her some space.

spicy spice

her face is kinda awkward, i just can’t with her eyes and lips. kinda reminds me with izone hyewon.


I think its because a lot of maknaes that debuted last year are one of the least biased Members in their group like when we look at Le sserafim Eunchae is also the least biased


bc nj are 4 mids & a below average??? The other 4 would not survive pixy or tribe or lightsum. Minji of rocket punch would just flop. So would danielle of 143 ent. But this idol is lit below gp average. And that’s after pro styling, plastic & makeup…


This is just stupid! Newjeans debuted 6 months ago!!!!!!!! give them time and of course their fame will rise & Hyein is SUPERRRRRR FAMOUS.
I remember she was trending everywhere during the debut era and her gaining the highest views on her fancams


Outsold Eunchae and Leeseo


Compared to other members she indeed is the least popular member now

IT Brain

give her some time. she will become famous like others

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