Netizens talk about why the public doesn’t listen to male idol songs

Why doesn’t the public listen to male idols’ songs?

Maybe it’s because I’m not a Muggle, I can’t understand why female idol songs are popular, but male idol songs aren’t popular. What is the reason?

1. They say female voices are biologically easier to hear

2. I don’t listen to male idol songs either, I don’t know why

3. Women and men listen to female idol songs but men rarely listen to male idol songs

4. The public usually prefers female idols. I can listen to female idols’ songs more comfortably

5. I get tired of listening to male idol songs

6. But I also listen to female idol songs, but I don’t really listen to male idol songs except my bias group

7. The public prefers female idols’ songs

8. Am I the only one who listens to male idol songs but not female idol songs?

9. Because male idols only release songs that only fans can listen to

10. I watch male idol stages but I don’t listen to their songs on Melon

11. I think female idol songs themselves are less experimental and more popular

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Handsome Hyunjin

Beomgyu whatever his name is, is the only decent looking guy in txt.
Soobin is a tree
Yeonjun is a troll/ogre
A white tw!nk
And the last one who is so irrelevant nobody knows his name

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how is this related to the post


Now how is this related to the post 😭😭


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are you perhaps on drugs


Most people listen to bts but aside from them I only listen to txt songs because of nice rhythm . Farewell Neverland is the song I’m stuck with now


Alot of male groups focus overly on performance. I hear too many songs with no replay value and even if the song is good and gp friendly, the prejudice agaist liking a male idol group is still there compared to a female group bc lord knows I’ve heard some awful gg songs too. Esp the girlcrish songs that are like t songs layered on top of eachother


I personally listen to bg to and I really but I think the main probleme is that female voices are easier to hear than male voices also gg are more marketed to the public while bg mostly only to their fandom


I wanted to say „and I really like them“

dot com bubble

NCT killed the hype istg. Their music is so odd and noisy that since 2016, people only ever listened to already established bgs like BTS and EXO. Wanna One was of course an exception cause of Produce hype. But since then the gp stopped paying attention to bgs.

seungri is free

because they looks like femboys and squeak (sing) like girls 🙂


still better than criminals lol


bts bigbang💩shinee txt & epik high are famous among gp tho….


Both male and female groups make the same nonsensical music and only the few make good music so I dunno why they tryna flex for gg music over bg


I like soft songs which is why I can only listen to girl groups, occasionally some TXT. TXT have soft songs.


And their voices are soft.


A lot of male group have soft songs, especially b sides


So many excuses when the real answer is it’s aimed at women and people are misogynistic.


Try to listen once without being bias and you will realize many male idol sing like they are gargling its annoying when the melody actually good. I dont know but they might want to sound sexy but nah, when i know some of them actually have good voice

Kpop Boomer

Recent boy group music in the last maybe 3 years are just not easy to listen to. They sound really disjointed, try-hard, and like a bad mashup of songs. It really makes me wonder if the bg fans actually enjoy these songs or Stockholm syndrome themselves into liking them, lol

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