Netizens talk about YG’s new girl group Baby Monster Asa’s skills

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER (#4) – ASA (Live Performance)

1. I want to listen to the new song soon

2. Asa is a rap member

3. Wow, all the members are doing well

4. Why did YG put rap members from Japan in the group?

5. Wow, she raps really well. Her voice is so good. I’m also curious about her vocals

6. Is she Japanese?

7. I think they will perform well on stage

8. She’s Japanese but she has good pronunciation

9. I don’t think I’ve seen a Japanese kid rapping well, but she’s amazing

10. Her pronunciation is also good

11. I think these people are all good at English

12. She’s good, but why are there so many foreigners in this group? She is Japanese

13. I think she was influenced a lot by Jeon Soyeon

14. She reminds me of Jeon Soyeon

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Better than Jimin screeching vocal

Hi, I'm Guest

Ended ms lisa & ms jenie easily…

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