Netizens talk about YG’s new girl group Baby Monster ‘Haram’ skills after watching her live performance

YG’s new girl group Baby Monster – Haram (Live Performance)

1. Each company has their own way of singing but YG’s way of singing has a more distinct personality than other companies

2. It sounds like a pop star’s singing style

3. I think about CL’s voice, it’s great that she’s only 15 years old

4. I think about Lee Hi more than Park Bom and Rosé

5. She did well, I’m looking forward to the other members too

6. It’s like CL singing with Jennie’s voice

7. When BLACKPINK debuted, they were compared to 2NE1 a lot.. And now Baby Monster is compared to BLACKPINK

8. I think she’s imitating Rosé

9. Is the group name Baby Monster? Really?

10. But there are a lot of foreigners in this group

11. It’s like a mix between Rosé and Jennie

12. She’s so young, but her skills are good

13. Something reminds me of Minzy and Jisoo more than Park Bom and Rosé. She sings well

14. I guess they’re young and talented so they’re called Baby Monster

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Why do YG main vocals all sound the same lol. They all have this cursive singing indie girls do ughhhh


How do u know she is the main vocalist?


Because they always sound like this. Haram is just a less nasal version of Rose


So you’re making assumptions when you don’t even know anything else but ONE member.


YG never known for their good vocal except for Seungri. They in a decline.


akmu who?


She sounds nothing like CL, but she does have similarities to Rosé who definitely sounds similar to Park Bom.

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