Netizens talk about YG’s new girl group ‘Baby Monster’ Rora’s skills

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER (#5) – RORA (Live Performance)

She was born in 2008

1. Wow, her voice is crazy

2. YG idols’ voices are all unique so it’s really goodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. They all sing well, there are many people but no overlapping tones

4. She has a baby face but her vocal style is mature

5. Seriously, they’re kids.. 14 years old

6. She’s young, but her voice is really mature and good

7. Why are they all so good?

8. As expected, YG groups’ skills are really amazing

9. I guess they were only chosen based on their skills

10. I’m curious about YG’s training method

11. She has a very cute face, but I was surprised when I heard her voice

12. YG seems to have a lot of really talented kids

13. As expected, YG

14. She’s a kid but her skills are so good

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Why they care about talent? Just put anyone from SEA, guaranteed success 😭


true, all the mud faces will support her

based misandrist

all that talking down on SEA countries and your fave country is still a licking dog of USA and got their ass owned by Japan


Your faves must be slave to western validation


does any group with SEA countriesmemebers succeed?


you are crying tho


Even group like bts need SEA fans to stream and help with youtube views.


She reminds me of Seo Yeji. Baby face deep voice


I’m glad that YG is picking them based on talent rather than face, BP has enough drag as it is for being lazy and with no coordination


sometimes I wonder how their parents let them training under YG especially they were personally trained by Yang Hyun Suk himself judging his history and all that stuffs that happening with Burning Sun.


he is truly trash but lets not forget that min heejin is literally a pedo with naked kids pics in her wall and she let njs girls sings to cookies who is worse?


kpop fans like to deflect things , this is why it’s hard to discuss on serious topics here because when someone brings up about an issue , you guys are deflecting and bringing up ‘ but your favs did it too’ and it turned into a fanwar instead just like the fatshaming issue that’s been going around these days on kpop twt.

it’s the way I don’t defend Min Heejin at all on here but you’re taking my comment as I’m agreeing with Min Heejin. Plus, the stuffs with Min Heejin came out after the girls debut and all these time those issues got buried because of SM but YG himself already made news about his involvement in Burning Sun and the drugs stuffs , he goes in and out of the court these past few years.


kpop fan like you like to be selective. you dont defend min hee jin but you only barking if it’s yg. Even after Nj debut, did you ever bring the issue about her here?
yg goes in and out of the court not because of burning sun scandal tho. Get your fact right. i dont like yg but kpop fans like you simply accusing people with wrong crime is showing that you lack of knowledge of what actually happened.


I’m not being selective, why would I bring up about Min Heejin here , this is a post about yg . I’m not a fan of bringing up about someone in a post completely unrelated to someone unless when needed. Literally on every recent Newjeans’ post here I brought up about her suspicious paintings that she put on her room and the cookie’s lyrics. idk if you’re a frequent reader on here or not but I am and I always comment on this site and certainly I’m not in any way of Newjeans’ fans or Min Heejin’s defender.

I know Yg doesn’t go in and out of court recently because of burning sun scandal but why did it matter anyway , he did tons of pretty questionable things throughout the years .

I don’t mind if these girls train under YG , the company but I just pointed out about YHS’s involvement for this group. He should stir away from being involved . Just like what I said about Min Heejin in other recent Newjeans’ post here. She also should stop plastering herself on Newjeans publicly.


Why did it matter anyway? accused people based on their crime. Is it okay if people accused Jungkook driving accident same as Daesung driving accident? nope.
Nah I saw you alot in recent Nj article but i dont see you raising awareness about the minor. This article is about the kid talent tho but you talk about why her parents let her get into yg. Did you ask about nj parents thought when their daughter sing cookie in nj article?
How far you know about his involvement unless with the few minutes of his talk in the video?


Wow, the racism in this comment section isn’t surprising at all, but it’s crazy to look down on SEA folks, when they are still a huge subset of supporting all your faves. 😒 Yes, including the top female and male groups.


I’m not a fan of YG groups but the way some of these kpop fans look down on SEA countries is getting weird. I can’t imagine how much lower do they do view poorer countries in Africa


Her voice sounds mature than her age, wow.. i really surprised. This kind of type voice will become more soulful when she get more older. Hope she will doing some jazz or RnB pop someday

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