Netizens talk about Yoona renewing her 3rd contract with SM

Im Yoona, renewed 3rd contract with SM.. 17 years of trust

According to OSEN’s report on the 4th, Im Yoona recently renewed her contract with her current management company, SM Entertainment, and has shown unchanged loyalty in the 17 years since her debut

1. Yoona really suits SM so well

2. SM, please do well

3. But didn’t Sunny leave a long time ago because her contract ended? Does each member have a different contract term?

4. I hope that SM will take better care of her..

5. She suits SM, but please take better care of her…

6. But SM and Yoona look so good together

7. The combination between SM and Yoona seems good. I support her

8. Yoona is so perfect for SM

9. I thought she had already joined the acting company

10. Please treat Yoona well, seriously

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