Netizens talked about Jaemin and Winter’s dating rumors when they saw their couple phone case

Jaemin and Winter’s couple phone case

They wore the same Chrome Hearts hoodie when returning to Korea after SM’s concert today

Winter imitated Jaemin’s pose at the Hanteo Music Awards

They have the same doll

[+121, -77]

1. [+40, -3] Did you know that there is a collaboration between that brand and Aespa? All Aespa members are using that phone case, so what’s the deal?

2. [+36, -5] Jaehyun’s fans are so uglyㅋㅋ Just because Jaehyun was trolled once, you guys are trying to post this on the trending pageㅋㅋㅋ As expected, Pann is filled with Jaehyun fans

3. [+29, -2] Sungchan also wore the same hoodie, so those 4 are all dating each other?? Where did this idea come from?

4. [+26, -4] F*ck, Jungkook and Jaehyun all have that phone case too, but you guys are saying she’s dating Na Jaemin??

5. [+18, -2] Winter isn’t even using that phone case right now

6. [+10, -0] I also use that phone case and other idols also use it…

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