Netizens think that BTS V and Jungkook are really alike

BTS V and Jungkook are really alike

This is from the ‘Yet to Come’ teaser and I overlayed V and Jungkook’s faces together. The position of their facial features are exactly the same

If you look at them like this, they look so different but

Their facial features are in similar positions and both of them have big eyes, short chins, and high noses

Anyway, the two of them are so handsome

[+338, -18]

1. [+93, -3] I saw this and thought it was Cherry Jungkook in the picture. I was shocked because this is actually V

2. [+73, -4] But their facial arrangements are really similar. Every time I see a post like this, I’m surprised

3. [+58, -3] I guess it’s because they have golden ratio faces

4. [+36, -2] The two of them are of different ages, they have different parents, hometowns and surnames. That’s why I’m always surprised when I see this kind of picture

5. [+27, -2] Look at this picture, daebak

6. [+23, -2] Their facial feature arrangements are really similar

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It was especially hard to recognize whos who in their early years, they don’t look alike but somehow they do, i guess this explains it 🤔

White cat

I actually confused more with jk and jin in early debut. Now I can easily differentiate them but yes jk and v have similar feature. The obvious difference is their nose shape. I guees.


admin what’s up with all the tk posts lately, while you’re only translating troll posts about the other members?

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make your own website then


are you the admin or just a salty shipper because no one asked for your opinion.
admin shouldn’t have named this site pannKPOP if they’re gonna post about their ship all day long

just lurking

We need more fanwar since bts are in hiatus solo stans and shipping fanwars will entertain the fandom while they wait for their biases’ solo projects


lol 😂


True. Shippers and solos downvote everytime we say it.


They’re the two most popular members by a decent margin, so it makes sense there’s the most posts about them.


jimin and jin are also popular in korea. besides, it doesn’t make sense that admin is translating troll posts with a few votes about the other members on the other hand, as if there aren’t any other posts about them


you can go look at the ranking of daily trending posts on pann. V gets the most trending posts by far and then it’s jungkook. jimin and jin rarely have trending posts and if they do, there’s usually a lot of troll comments. I noticed that jimin & jungkook’s korean fans hate each other so there’s always so much fighting in the comments. Makes sense that translator sites don’t want to translate that stuff.


Their noses are definitely different. Idk they always give me different vibes + V features are sharper meanwhile Jungkook gives boyish vibe.
I see the similarities between Jin and Jungkook actually especially in debut days

just lurking

As the saying goes you are what you eat taekook c0ck svcking in the bathroom wbk 😋


Is admin a taekookers or what?

Car Keys

Wow this is kinda blowing my mind, I came into the post ready to deny but their features do line up when you put them side by side like that, even though they don’t look alike


The way they split these pictures makes it seems so because they are not split evenly They don’t look much alike. Jin favors Kook more


In 2013 I constantly mixed them up


apologize to taehyung


it’s their face shape/short chin. they both give off youthful vibes. jk looks softer because of his eyes + nose while V looks more intimidating. I’ve always felt that hybe looks for male idols based on these two because several of the enhypen & txt members give off jk/v vibes.

Aloe vera

Thissss. So im not the only one who see resemblance both tae and jk in txt members? Except for huening kai, i think rest of the members have tae and jk vibes or resemblance. Meanwhile in enhypen i only see heeseung as he’s the one who give jk vibes.


tkkrs working overtime, good job you guys you infested every place

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