Netizens think that G-Dragon is taking a jab at V and Jennie in his new Instagram post

GD is taking a jab at V and Jennie in his new Instagram updateㄷㄷ

V’s withered daisies

GD’s daisies

They (Jennie and V) made me fight

V and Jennie posted black and white photos at the same time on Instagram

They’re not even Hollywood celebrities or anythingㅋㅋ

[+744, -233]

1. [+517, -52] But even if V didn’t mean it, it’s true that GD took the withered daisies and thought it was an attack to him

2. [+440, -45] “They made me fight, I was a pretty good fighter.” It’s true that he’s taking a jab at V and Jennie. Why did he upload that sentence at the same time as his daisy picture?

3. [+373, -341] If I were Jennie, I wouldn’t date this grandpa anymore

4. [+301, -30] Isn’t V immature? If he’s dating her, then just date. Why did he post a picture taking a jab at his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend?

5. [+264, -29] That picture saying they made him fight and he’s a pretty good fighter was indeed used to take a jab at V and Jennie

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