Netizens think that Lee Jae Wook and Karina’s dating news exploded after Lee Jae Wook decided to leave C-Jes

[Exclusive] Lee Jae Wook leaves C-Jes… to establish his own agency

Xports News reported on the 29th that Lee Jae Wook decided not to renew his contract with his current agency, C-Jes Entertainment, after it expired in April, and decided to establish his own agency

1. No, is it C-JeS’s fault now?

2. The reason for the dating rumors is what the management company told Dispatch..?

3. Is this why they don’t stop the dating rumors?

4. He’s still young and only had a short career, but he’s going to start his own agency?… I guess he’ll have to join the army too

5. But isn’t the relationship between C-Jes and Dispatch inherently bad? They had a rocky relationship right from the company’s founding

6. He is a rookie and has not yet joined the army, so what confidence does he have to establish his own agency??

7. Are you saying that an actor with 6 years of experience is still a rookie? He debuted in 2018

8. Lee Jae Wook has debuted for over 5 years, he’s not a rookie and he’s only been playing main roles lately

9. I think they took good care of him

10. When he left the company, dating rumors started to explode

11. Lee Jae Wook’s popularity has really increased, his agency change also became a hot topic

12. It seems like this agency takes good care of their artists, but why??

13. I don’t know but C-Jes’ management ability is better than you think

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