Netizens think that NMIXX is the top 4th generation female idol vocals

I think NMIXX is the top 4th generation female idol vocals..

They sing live so well, right? Is it reasonable for a rookie group to be this good? The members all have crazy vocals, there’s no vocal hole

1. As a fan of NMIXX, I’m so proud of their vocals, but please be careful with the word ‘Top’.. There are other groups that are good too..

2. When I watch NMIXX’s live stage, I don’t worry, I just feel excited

3. Honestly, I think they’re the one top of the 4th generation. If you watch their live videos, you will find the answer

4. It’s hard to find a lip sync stage from them

5. I watched a video of them practicing in the waiting room and they did so well

6. They are really good. They are all young and rookies, but their skills are crazy..

7. I’m not a fan of NMIXX, but they really sing live well.. They have no holes. I agree ..

8. Lily’s voice is crazy, and the other members’ voices are good too

9. The members all sing live well

10. They dance well, and they sing live well

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