Netizens think that this color suits BTS V perfectly

Personally, I think this color suits BTS V perfectly

He looks so good in black and white

IU ‘Love wins’ posters released today

1. Wow, his face is crazy ㄷㄷㄷㄷ He’s f*cking handsome….. Please act

2. Wow his aura is crazy

3. I think it’s because the three-dimensional effect on the facial features is so good

4. I really think V is the most handsome

5. He looks like a sculpture

6. Wow, he’s so handsome

7. The black and white color is really perfect for V

8. V has a classic beauty in black and white

9. Because his facial features are three-dimensional

10. His facial features look more classic and classy in black and white photos

11. He looks like a classic handsome guy

12. Genius face…

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