Netizens think TWICE doesn’t have any hope anymore

TWICE doesn’t have any hope anymore?

Last time, Scientist’s ranking was #70 and this new song also stopped rising halfway in the charts and has been dropping ever since

Isn’t TWICE the girl group you trust and listen to?

The song is good this time, why are they not rising?

[+264, -117]

1. [+209, -83] It’s been a while they flopped

2. [+203, -24] I feel like they’re too dependent on their image

3. [+188, -70] They’re not the girl group you can trust and listen to anymore, I can’t expect their music anymore

4. [+122, -6] It’s a group I’ve known since debut, but after witnessing the whole process of embracing their golden age in 2016-2017 and slowly going downhill, there’s something strange… When they did well with ‘Cheer Up’, I thought they would be the top girl group until the day they disbanded

5. [+90, -16] It’s hard for a group without good basic skills to last long

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