Netizens were shocked after seeing T-ara Jiyeon’s parents

T-ara Jiyeon’s parents

1. Her eyes are like her mother’s, her nose and mouth are like her father’s

2. Wow, her parents also look like celebrities

3. Wow, her genes are amazing

4. Their beauty is crazy

5. I’m jealous of her parents’ height

6. This family’s facial features are no joke

7. Jiyeon can’t help but be pretty

8. Wow, their facial features are amazing

9. Her father’s proportions are so good, her father and mother both have small faces, that’s why Jiyeon also has a small face

10. There’s a reason why Jiyeon is pretty

11. What’s up with this family’s genes?

12. Her father looks like a movie star from Hong Kong or Japan. Her mother’s beauty is no joke either

13. Jiyeon’s face and proportions don’t come naturally, their genes are amazing…

14. Her mother’s beauty is crazy

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