Netizens were shocked when they learned that LE SSERAFIM Chaewon and Sakura’s waists are 17 inches

LE SSERAFIM Chaewon and Sakura’s waists are 17 inches

1. If you look at celebrities in real life, their bones are really small

2. What can I say? LE SSERAFIM deserves a lot of male fans

3. But these two look really skinny… Idols are usually very skinny, but when I watch it on TV, I can clearly see that these two’s bones are so thin

4. Just looking at the fancam, you can see that these two people have exceptionally slim waists, especially Sakura

5. Wow, is it possible for a grown woman to have a 17 inch waist? Didn’t they measure wrong?

6. All the girls are thin, but these two have especially thin waists

7. My thighs are 17 inches, is that possible?

8. Why can’t we admit that there are such people…? The comments are rude, they just think they are everything in the world

9. Wow, it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve seen a female idol’s waist size discussed on a variety show

10. Wow, so jealous ㅠㅠ I need to go on a diet…

11. I think it’s possible because both their bodies and bones are so small

12. I worry that teenage girls will die trying to achieve a 17-inch waist

13. But when you see them on stage, they look so small

14. Just looking at Sakura and Chaewon, you can see that their bodies are small

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