Netizens were shocked when they saw BTS Jin’s photos at the training center

Pictures of Kim Seokjin (BTS) at the training center

He’s so handsome

1. Seokjin is doing so well

2. Wow I didn’t know you were tall

3. He still looks handsome even with that hair

4. Wow, those pictures were taken with a normal camera so it’s obvious that he’s handsome

5. Wow, he’s so handsome… Seriously

6. Wow, he stands out, he’s handsome even with that hair

7. I didn’t know he was that tall when he was with the members, but I can only see him here

8. I can feel that Seokjin is so handsome

9. He’s really handsome, Jin is really different

10. He’s tall and handsome

11. I really didn’t realize that Jin was tall (I just thought he had a small face and good proportions), but when I saw this, I was really impressed

12. I’m really surprised at his handsome looks, he looks like a drama actor, he’s so cool

13. I can understand why he’s a celebrity

14. Wow… look at his height… his eyebrows look good…

15. Honestly, don’t compare our looks with celebrities

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Logic Thinker

Who the fck took that pic… the privacy??? Like he asked for that …

bye losers

Other soldiers’ families also exist you know?


What does that have to do with his privacy being invaded. They knew what they was doing posting these


damn… average korean men are short af. no wonder they need US protection


More like korea has history of poverty and famine in recent history so on avg theyvare shorter than western b*stards that gorge themselves obese. There are still many ppl alive in korea that experienced korea being the poorest country in the world in the 1950s and 60s.


you mean they need protection from the country that fcked them over in the first place??


Um, the average Korean man’s height is the tallest in Asia. Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and all others are much shorter.


All the best, Jin! Don’t get bullied and don’t bully others


No one should look that handsome with thay haircut omg


No, but the height difference is a bit too severe, isn’t it? The pics make it look like he’s got abt a head on everyone else lol

And Jin really does have good body proportions.

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