Netizens wonder about BLACKPINK’s selling factor overseas

What is BLACKPINK’s selling factor overseas?

I’m not bashing them. I’m really curious, what’s the difference between them and others?… Because they are girl crush?…

1. Lisa…?

2. Their concept is always good

3. They have good skills.. Their concept is good too

4. They have good songs

5. They have it all, from quality songs, talent, and influence in the field of fashion. Whatever they do, there is no choice but to be famous. Honestly, YG and Teddy made BLACKPINK so good, the members do it even better. This seems to be the reason

6. They are pretty, talented, good at singing, confident

7. Personal ability + stage control skills + song quality + concept

8. Songs + concept + members

9. Everyone is good at English

10. They seem to have the best skills, they’re pretty, and there are a lot of members who are good at foreign languages, and their concepts and styles are good too

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