Netizens wonder how V can have this face without plastic surgery

How can V have this face without plastic surgery?

He is a naturally handsome man, he has a high nose, his eyes are big and beautiful, and his side profile is perfect. He’s like a statue

[+423, -113]

1. [+178, -11] He has a naturally beautiful face without any plastic surgery, of course his bare face is also amazing

2. [+171, -8] Wow, V really doesn’t make his fans feel bored. I look forward to seeing what he continues to release

3. [+169, -4] I can’t forget his visuals at Muster

4. [+165, -6] Seriously, his beauty, facial features, and aura are amazing

5. [+150, -7] A naturally handsome man with charming charm is precious

6. [+101, -0] He suits the color red so well

7. [+100, -1] You bring peace to the world with your handsome face. Thank you for working hard until you enlisted. Every day I get fan content

8. [+98, -1] His fingers and toes are long and beautiful…

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