Netizens wonder if BLACKPINK Jisoo is using an iPhone 8

BLACKPINK Jisoo uses iPhone 8?…

It looks like an old iPhone, right?

1. I also have an iPhone 8… The only thing Jisoo and I have in common

2. Even Jisoo uses iPhone 8. I also need to save money

3. I have an iPhone 8 and it looks like the SE2

4. I guess she used to use the latest phone but recently switched to that phone? Or maybe she has many different phones

5. Looking at Hyeri’s YouTube, it seems like she’s actually using it

6. Hul, I was planning on buying the SE, but the post makes me want to buy it more

7. Is it SE3?

8. iPhone 8, how do these photos look good?

9. Maybe it’s the SE series..?

10. Looks like it’s not an iPhone 8

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