Netizens wonder if BLACKPINK Lisa did her nose or not

Did BLACKPINK’s Lisa do her nose?

[+77, -32]

1. [+60, -15] She’s getting more and more Westernㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

2. [+30, -11] She had plastic surgery

3. [+28, -8]

4. [+16, -36] Are you an anti? She’s been cute since she was a kid, her nose still looks the same

5. [+10, -2] Are you a fan of Jennie? How many accounts do you have?

6. [+5, -3] Rosé also did her nose but only Lisa was posted

7. [+5, -1] What are you doing? You’re just jealous of her

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OK fine lets say she did it, why does this discussion still bother yall nosy ass. As long as she is happy with herself now. Let’s not act like 90% of idols are natural anyways 😒


seoul cycle stans at it again huh



Ki ki

No she’s natural beauty just her nose hit with puberty again and again. Ugly bitches always jealous




Obviously she did, it’s more than clear. That said, doesn’t half idols do something on their face too?


more like all idols


I don’t think so, there’s natural beauties like Yoona, Suzy, Irene. Not all of them have to resort to surgeries


Suzy got her hairline fixed, she also fixed a bit of her flat nose

Bring back discuss

Yoona is far from natural, her ps isn’t as dramatic as others like taeyeon


Irene literally did her eyes and nose.


She did it but she went to thai plastic surgey center. Thais surgeons are better because their work looks more natural than korean surgery.


Is this problem? Even if they did it, it relates with their money & body; we don’t have right to judge.
At the end of day, if they satisfied their looks & result, it all matters


I honestly just think her nose gets bloated at times. like for example there’s so many pics where her nose would look bigger than usual like the last pic with the model. she’s also talked about how much contour she uses on her nose. Also her nose is still big. personally as person who used to have a bigger nose and went smaller during puberty. i don’t think she did it but even if she did there’s nothing wrong with that. The amount of idols specifically male idols that get it done and no one talks about it is ridiculous. I think knetz and international fans bring this up all the time specifically targeting her so they can bring her down mostly due to her being southeast asian in my opinion.


She has the same exact nose as her mom too. You think they got twin rhinoplasty’s? 😭


Me too. I see so many of her pictures having the flat nose like when she take it with the model. Ka pointed one they said point out her is obviously in side profile. And still it’s not like the pointed ones nose surgery always have. And we all have contour too. I have no problem if she do it or not. Just that why still flat nose if she do rhinoplasty 😆


She definitely did and theres nothing with it


It’s a known fact that she had nose surgery… the fans that deny it are blind or just acting that way.


Of course she got that fat nose done. The whole group is a fire hazard of plastic parts. Only ones in denial is their twink y/n fanfags


bts twinks too, like jk botched nose, rm suha jhope jimin botched hjaw reconstructin


BTS look the same as when they debut on top of that they have actual talent and don’t have to schedule nose and lip jobs every Thursday to keep up with their fanfags idealized image of them. Ugly hags


Its always the army… jflop nose are about to fall as we speak


You now what the actual problem of you and your men lover girls(i mean bp) You are never, ever as successful as bts. They are the most successful artists both solo and as a group. And that’s why you’re raging. You’re just a bunch of idiots criticizing bts’ faces because you don’t have the intelligence to criticize their nearly 300 song discography 🤡🤡


ok lurve keep that energy to you and yall fandom bcs this is obviously bp related article, so why are yall camping here again?


Not you coming for Hobi’s perfect god given nose when Lisa’s nose is on it 15th remix. Lisa so ashamed of her roots she don’t even look sea anymore but instead a over doctored tranny. Her original nose was so wide monkeys mistook her for one of their own.


jhope’s nose is natural


lizfad is on her 178th face after that plastic surgery. at least hobi doesn’t have to go the plastic surgeon every few business days


Everyone knew about it 🤣🤣


Her surgeon did wonders 😭


She obviously did. But it shouldn’t be a bad thing to get. Kpoppers need to burst out of their bubble that ps is a bad thing. Almost everyone in the k-pop industry has done it. Even your biases, stay delusional if you want to but that’s the truth. Nitpicking on idols just for this is unnecessary. Until and unless ps is not doing any harm to idols in any way I don’t think bringing this topic on surface is very necessary.


4 is not the proof they think it is


so what? aespa member even have their face completely plastic and nobody say anything abt them


i can say karina looks like plastic alien

Last edited 1 month ago by freeseungri

Karina has always been pretty. Can’t say the same for ugly jumpscare Lisa and jenfad


yes she is plasticly pretty, her face is not natural at all. and the worst is def winter, all of them mostly plastic except ning ning

spicy spice

even the scars.. lol.


I thought it was obvious? But we have to ask ourselves WHY anyone gives a shit 😭 weird asses


Not just her nose she did many procedures to look the way she does now. Anyways the ones claiming plastic surgery is normal should act like it in the comments rather than denying or getting offended on their idols behalf. She did tons of procedures and it’s okay to admit it.


she has some of the most unfortunate looking pre-debut pictures 💀💀i’m trying not to laugh but it’s hard


ladyboy with pig nose

Last edited 1 month ago by freeseungri

youre talking about jungkook?


It’s her money, her choice not yours


ofc she did, all bundlepink members are plastic


before she ruined like park bom,, she need to get out of there asap..


Lol what it’s completely obvious she did, that’s not a bad thing, it’s her face to change if she wants to. But don’t pretend she just grew an entirely new nose…


Personally I think she did it but also who cares? The shot of “the scar” looks like patchy makeup though. Cause I get creases like that wearing makeup in the summer and having oily skin


Eyes, nose, chin implant


Whether she did or not nobody care she is not pretty without make up and bangs lol


She wears a wig, nose is new every other month, got her entire face changed. Did all this so Koreans can accept her. She is so creepy and kboo for that.


Her little pic proves she actually is soo pretty. There r many pics where she is soo pretty some of these pics r edited by haters. Lisa is naturally pretty since young, watch her childhood dance videos, u will know she is pretty. Even if she did why bother?? All kpop idols definitely did something. Lisa got so many fans because of her talents and personality. So it should not bother anyone. U don’t have anything to bring down about her so u chose this?? 😂 That is nit scar, that’s makeup patch. Her nose still looks somewhat fat in some pics now. So i dont think she did, its jz she uses contour. Anyways her beauty comes from her inner personality and confidence. So I like her


I thought it was a well known fact she got her nose done lol so why is this issue being brought up again?

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