Netizens wonder if BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s looks will work in the acting field

Will BLACKPINK Jisoo’s looks work in the acting field?

I’m not talking about her acting skills, if you only look at her visuals, would she be considered pretty among actresses?

1. It’s obvious that it is a face that can do well anywhere in the world

2. Her face is pretty but I don’t think she’s attractive as an actress

3. Since she has an actress’ face, it’s more surprising that she still looks perfect with her makeup style and idol concept

4. As long as you have a pretty face, you will stand out wherever you go… Natural beauty

5. If she acts well, she will be the top actress, so I hope she acts well

6. She has an innocent beauty and her body is also so pretty

7. She’s pretty but according to my standards, I don’t think she’s unique in the acting field, there are many actresses who can replace her

8. She’s the Korean version of Tang Wei

9. Her face is perfect

10. Of course she is the prettiest I have ever seen in my life

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