Netizens wonder if LE SSERAFIM members are singers after watching their encore stage on M Countdown today

LE SSERAFIM’s encore stage on M Countdown today

1. I thought Huh Yunjin sang well, but no, Kazuha sang the best

2. I think the fact that the song itself doesn’t suit their vocal range… Please practice singing

3. But hasn’t Sakura been a singer for 10 years? Why can’t she sing?

4. If you can’t even sing while standing still, why did you become a singer?

5. Sakura’s singing skills are the most shocking

6. What will they do at Coachella?

7. It’s so serious that there’s nothing left to say, not to mention NMIXX, STAYC, Kiss of Life, in terms of skills they’re far behind NewJeans, Aespa, and IVE

8. It seems like this song doesn’t suit their vocal range ㅠㅠ They seem to sing well… Also, Kazuha has improved a lot!

9. Wow, seriously, please practice a little. Are you guys singers?

10. Among the idols these days, they seem to sing the worst

11. Kazuha seems better than I thought

12. Can Sakura be called a singer?

13. I really feel like their singing skills are the worst among the 4th generation

14. Sakura is so bad that I can’t even think about the other members;;

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