Netizens wonder if RIIZE is muggles’ pick

Is RIIZE muggles’ pick??

Or is their fandom big? Why is the ranking so high?

1. I don’t know, please listen to the song a lot

2. That’s my pick

3. I guess a lot of people listened to it

4. I listen to it every day

5. Just by looking at them, you can see that they are popular

6. Honestly, this song is so good

7. My friends are muggles but they know RIIZE and know their songs

8. People around me don’t know RIIZE, but when they heard that this song was by RIIZE, people said “Ah, is this their song???”

9. Of course it’s muggles’ pick, RIIZE’s fandom isn’t at that level yet

10. It’s muggles’ pick. Everyone in my family knows RIIZE

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